a feeling that was never there

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this halloween i am going to get drunk in a graveyard and no one will stop me

johanna wallin
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wrapped in sheets
i dont want to leave my bed
ill watch the leaves fall
then ill wait for them to grow back again
maybe then you will come home


"It all started slow 
We tried to play the same song in the back of the limo 
You said it felt like a movie when 
I put a flower on your wrist from my grandma’s garden 
I knew you liked daisies so I got you a rose 
Then we got so close before the window closed 
It was too good to be true 
Too soft to touch 
But I kept on hanging on 
Even after I woke up 

I don’t think I hate you as much I love you

I just dropped out and quit my job 
And filled my whole house with beds to lay on 
'Cause I know you're only real when I'm asleep 

You’ve ruined so much of my life 
But with you I feel complete 

I don’t think I hate you as much I love you

This is a brand new heart”


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